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Season Coach



A Coach for the Season


Real coaching produces results as each game is played.


What do you want to get done this season?


Do you want a coach on your side? 


We will:
bulletAchieve goals starting now – immediate, short run, ultimately long run.
bulletBuild skills and practices to amplify your unique personal strengths.
bulletProgress with “wins” each month rather than going for “ultimate success”
bulletSchedule hourly sessions to focus on immediate issues.
bulletMaintain momentum with emails and brief calls between sessions.


We can meet weekly, biweekly or monthly to drive home results within your terms and timeframe.


It’s my job throughout to:
bulletAssist you in establishing written objectives and timeframe.
bulletDiscuss current challenges, identify solutions, and build relevant skills.
bulletMaintain your game plan: session notes, key points and action steps.
bulletCustomize exercises to focus your strategic thinking.
bulletReview and respond to your questions and completed exercises.
bulletTrack your achievements towards stated objectives.


To get started or hear more specifics about this approach, please call me at 212 879 9120 or email me




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