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Client Testimonials



Excerpts from longer, signed client testimonials:


bullet“Stefanie has had an immeasurable impact on my career transition. She is keenly aware that professional success is predicated upon an accurate matching of personality and tempermentality to choice of profession. Stefanie, through probing and insightful questions, artfully gauged my personality to help me understand how my specific goals, desires, dreams, talents, and constraints will impact my future career. In so doing, she has guided me towards a transition strategy that has accentuated my strengths and minimized my weaknesses.”
          Investment Banking Associate, Top Five U.S. Financial Services Firm, 2005

bullet“One of Stefanie’s most impressive qualities is that she proactively established how our progress towards goals could and should be measured in real terms such as financial impact and performance feedback. She maintained ongoing records of our achievements against each objective, and provided me with notes, valuable input and tools along the way. Stefanie’s careful progress tracking was absolutely indispensable, as amongst all the immediate issues, I knew I was getting closer towards my goals. This also reinforced my awareness of and confidence in my new skills.

A tangible result of working with Stefanie was that the Board recognised my contribution to the company and as a result, appointed a mentor to work with me directly, with the aim of preparing me for more senior roles within the company in the near future.”
          Global Business Development Manager, UK Public Manufacturer, 2004

bullet“Stefanie Smith helped me prioritize actions necessary to achieve the goals outlined. However, the most valuable service she provided was ongoing executive coaching. Together we set forth leadership objectives linked to real situations, with measurable benefits. Through our work, I changed work behaviors to manage more effectively, both “up” and “down”. During this time, I was promoted from Senior Associate to Vice President and Director.

I increased our focus on meriting, obtaining, and measuring positive feedback, and created a more responsive and proactive unit. She also worked with me to build more productive working relationships by adjusting the tone and content of my communications and conveying the bottom-line impact of positive results. I am more effective and confident in communications with senior executives.”
          Vice President, Top Global Investment Bank, 2003

bullet“Implementing the management processes Stefanie recommended caused me to see my role and my career in a whole new light. Simultaneously, my staff has advanced in terms of skills, responsibilities and morale. I know I’m doing a better job. The CEO remarked I am more confident at investor meetings. The Board asked me to extend my presentation next quarter."
          CFO, Public Biotech Company, 2005







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Although these clients have provided signed written testimonials, it is Stratex confidentiality policy to not make individual names and firms public online.


When appropriate, contact information is shared for media interviews or prospective clients reference.


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